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Hello! Thanks for sharing. I learned a lot of things from this blog before we went to Siquijor. It is very helpful.

I also want to do a favor to our very kind driver and tour guide when we went to Siquijor.
He took care of our valuable belongings while we were walking around, he is very kind and did not complain even if we ended the tour very late, he is a very careful driver and knowledgeable about the island. You can try to haggle with him. Make sure to contact him before going to the island. Other drivers would give you very high prices and they will follow you like bees.

His rates are very cheap!!!

Joseph's contact number: 0906-953-4204


Hi Sid,

I need a little help from you. I need to locate Juan Ponce as soon as possible. Please send me some details through this email add I want to know their contact numbers, where to stay preferably closest to their town and contact numbers of the habal-habal driver. If you could help me I'm willing to give you a reward.


i need to see juan ponce et el, i plan to look for them this and where can i see them?where shoul i stay? is 1day of stay enough to accomplish the healing?
please enlighten me.asap
thank you


hi sidney,how can i contact those people,juan ponce,vicente tamala thanks


Hi where did you stay during your visit in Siquijor?
I am planning to see this two person Juan Ponce and Cosing Akay the bolo bolo lady.

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Rach (Heart of Rachel)

I've heard a lot of scary tales involving the Balete tree. This is a very interesting series.

chesca (exskindiver)

hi sidney.
my personal pinoy mythical spook?


I remember the film of Hiwaga sa Balete Drive (Mystery on Balete Drive) in 1988. Everything is just beautiful Sidney, thanks !

shannon r

Sidney, what a great blog you have. I really love this tree! Thank you for sharing so much information too!


great looking balete. looks really old. along with such age comes great, remarkable stories to tell. i've always been amazed by mythical creatures and i could tell you a lot of stories but i am quite sure you won't believe me. as a kid, i've lived in a very old, haunted looking house. there are spirits and it's good to co-exist we them. ;-)


Balete trees have always fascinated me and also scared me when I was a kid. They need to be studied though because to this day, I'm not sure what benefits could be derived from such a tree. Because of myths that continue to persist in Filipino culture, it seems to me that this tree has remained "untouchable".



luna miranda

These are enchanting photos, Sidney. I also took photos of old balete tree when I was in Siquijor but they're not as good as yours. Love this post...I was entertained by tales of aswangs, tikbalangs and other mystical creatures when I was a kid.


Wow a hundred years old yet still beautiful.

I love reading about these baby-eating vampires and goblins.:)

Check out the American film called ASWANG, cheaply done but really gory and scary.:)


Impressionnants ces arbres !

fotografia e luz

More photos very well achieved


I think the mananangal - try saying that three times without stuttering - is probably the most sick and sinister creature ever imagined by humankind Sidney. These are the half-bodied vampires that I was told about by the Siquijorians on my visit there.

"It eats babies by means of passing their long tongue through a small hole from the roof of a house."

Can you imagine anything more horrifying than that!

Nice pictures of the trees by the way.

Gérard Méry

L'Aswang est invité au bal des vampires qu'on se le dise !


c'est superbe!


Fascinating read and those trees are amazing!!!


yiannis krikis

very beautiful trees - excellent colors - I like that you post a lot of images from a subject


Le vert succède au bleu
Lui prend toute la place
Les arbres, protecteurs


Fascinating trees. I especially like the explanation of all the bad (mostly bad) things that hang around to harass and "get" the innocent people. Around here we don't have those, but we have plenty of real "thugs" to do the same to people here! :-)


ces grands arbres sont magnifiques ! Belles images.

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